Dongshan Sluice

Released at: 11 March,2019

  Dongshan Sluice is located in Huating Village, Dongjiao Township, Xiangxiang City, Hunan Province. It is a large Type (I) sluice located in the lower reaches of Lianshui River - a primary tributary in the Xiang River Basin. The sluice is 2.5 km away from 320 National Highway and 8.5 km away from the urban area of Xiangxiang City. In the upper reaches of the sluice, there is Shuifumiao Reservoir - a large-scale water conservancy project. At the dam site, the controlled catchment area is 6,193 km2. Dongshan Sluice is one of the ancillary projects for comprehensive utilization of water resources and hydropower by Lianshui River cut-off. The construction started in July 1975; and completed and put into use in January 1981. Dongshan Sluice is composed of five parts including barrage, spillway sluice, power station, ship lock and traffic bridge, which is a combination of bridge and dam. Its axis length is 277.5 m.