Rehabilitation Project in Shaoshan Irrigation Area

Released at: 11 March,2019

  Shaoshan Irrigation Area was commenced in July 1965. Under the leadership of Comrade HUA Guofeng, the former President of the PRC, 100,000 labors successfully completed the construction of the general main canal and the northern main canal in only ten months, to smoothly supply water for irrigation with the lofty sentiment of “Yugong has the ambition to move mountains and we have the ambition to traverse mountains”. For more than thirty years, the irrigation area has watered seven counties (cities) such as Shuangfeng, Xiangxiang, Xiangtan, Ningxiang, Shaoshan, Wangcheng and Yuhu, covering 1,000,000 mu farmland of about 2,500 km2. It is also used for industrial water supply, power generation, navigation, flood control and drainage, aquaculture and other functions for comprehensive utilization. It is the largest diversion and irrigation project in Hunan Province. The project is spectacular in the irrigation area with crisscrossed channels. There are green mountains and the water is clear like a mirror. The environment is elegant and the air is clean, which is an ideal place for external investors to open up a new line.