Aizhai Bridge in West Hunan Province

Released at: 24 March,2019

The Aizhai Bridge in west Hunan Province spans over the Dehang Canyon, with a main span of 1,176 m and a vertical height of 355 m. It was finally completed in 2012.

It created four first-places in the world:

I. The world’s largest suspension bridge over canyon

II. First adoption of the structure design with completely separated towers and girders

III. Creation of the “rail cable launching method” for erection of steel truss girders

IV. First adoption of the anchored suspension cable structure using carbon fiber as prestressed reinforcing bars

Main Awards:

Global Road Achievement Award (GRAA)

Chinese Patent Excellence Award

First Prize for Hunan Provincial Technological Invention Award

First Prize for Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

First Prize for Hunan Provincial Excellent Engineering Design Award

Special Prize for Science and Technology Award of China Highway & Transportation Society