Three people from HNCC were honored as "State-owned Enterprise Artisans"

Released at: 04 July,2022

On July 1, Hunan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission held the launching ceremony of "Hundred Artisans Passing on the Fire" for Hunan State-owned Enterprises. Su Qiaojiang, Lai Kangyang and Zhou Zhijiang of HNCC were awarded the honorary title of "State-owned Enterprise Artisans".

Hunan province selected a total of 100 state-owned enterprises artisans, these "state-owned enterprises artisans" from the central enterprises in Hunan, provincial state-owned enterprises, city and state state-owned enterprises of the  front-line artisan skilled personnel. Among them, Su Qiaojiang is the person in charge of Changsha Xiangxuzhou Bridge project, who has been working in the construction line for many years, with extensive experience and outstanding achievements, and has won the "China Highway Traffic Quality Engineering Award" twice; Lai Kangyang is a national transportation technician and excavator operation technician, with the "Lai Kangyang Workshop "He has passed on his exquisite skills to his colleagues in the industry by imparting his skills; Zhou Zhijiang is the leader of the industry's underwater blasting team, focusing on one job for 30 years, working on hundreds of blasting construction projects, becoming the industry's "blasting expert" and  has trained many excellent underwater blasting teams.

With the theme of "The Great Beauty of the Country, Craftsmanship Heritage", the event was sponsored by Hunan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Hunan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, aiming to further create a good atmosphere of respecting skills and talents by commending and widely publicizing the advanced deeds of outstanding figures, vigorously promoting the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and craftsmanship, inspiring young people to take the path of becoming skilled and serving the country with skills, and promoting state-owned enterprises to train more highly skilled talents and great craftsmen.