HNCC pays tribute to the returnee employee from Mali Project

Released at: 22 June,2022

On June 21, employee director of HNCC Li Yu, and deputy general manager Cao Yuesong paid a cordial visit to Hu Banghai, Chen Xingliang and their families, sending the care and the warmth of the company to the frontline employees.

Hu Banghai previously served as the project manager of HICEC Mali, and together with paver technician Chen Xingliang, they have been worked in Africa for many years. In the difficult environment and turbulent situation, they overcame difficulties together with team and successfully completed various construction tasks.

Hu Banghai and Chen Xingliang said that they would definitely do their best for the overseas development of the company. The family members also said that they will continue to take good care of their families, so that they can work and create values in foreign countries without distractions.