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Hunan Communication & Water Conservancy Group Ltd. (HNCC) is the first company newly formed in the new round of state-owned enterprise reform in Hunan Province, which was listed on September 8, 2016 to perform three functions of "investment, financing and financial services, infrastructure construction, resource integration and innovative development" assigned by the Hunan Provincial Government.

HNCC is the leading enterprise in Hunan communication and water conservancy construction market. HNCC is a larger, more complete qualification, broader business scope, higher level of talent, stronger profitability and brand influence communication and water conservancy construction enterprise in the province, with a registered capital of 10 billion Yuan, main credit rating of AA+, and business scope covers all provinces and cities in China and more than 30 countries. Its 16 secondary subsidiaries are all well-known enterprises in domestic industries and main business covers communication, water conservancy, harbor and navigation, municipal, environmental protection and other infrastructure construction-related industries; HNCC has 158 qualifications, including 1 qualification of special-grade general contracting of road projects, 11 qualifications of Grade I (Grade A) for general contracting/comprehensive, 61 qualifications of Grade I (Grade A) for professional contracting/Industry. HNCC has more than 10,000 employees, including more than 3,000 professionals, and a large number of industry elites such as national masters of survey and design, national candidates of "million talents project", experts enjoing special allowances from the State Council, and a batch of outstanding elites.

HNCC is the backbone to build Hunan’s communication and water conservancy key project. HNCC gives full play to the advantage of "Five in One" whole industry chain for " Research design, investment and financing, construction and management, operation and maintenance, equipment and logistics", and has formed "four engineering companies" of road and bridge construction, water conservancy construction, municipal construction, harbor construction, "three major institutes" of traffic design institute, traffic research institute, water design institute, and maintenance, assembly logistics, investment and asset management. HNCC presided over or participated in the construction of most of the key communication and water conservancy projects in Hunan, such as Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao national trunk highway, Aizhai suspension bridge, Changsha Xianing harbor, Changsha hydroelectric hub and south Dongting Lake floodway dredging, Changsha Wangcheng Yanghuwan emergency rescue project, etc. HNCC has given full play to its pioneering role in Hunan's economic and social development, and the construction brand of "HNRB" and the design brand of "HNCDI" are well known nationwide.

HNCC's PPP, BOT, EPC+F and other types of business models are mature and standardized, and it has successfully built and operated many projects such as Hunan Litan Expressway, Guangxi Chongzuo Expressway, Fujian Shaoguang Expressway, etc. Now it is building a new model, a new standard and a new benchmark for the construction of key projects in Hunan through Ping Yi Expressway, the largest BOT project in Hunan.

HNCC is a successful example of innovation-driven enterprise in Hunan’s communication and water conservancy construction market.  HNCC insists on innovation-driven and has won more than 1,000 national and provincial technical awards, patents and work methods, including Frist Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (1) and 10 Second Prize, National Gold Awards for Excellent Engineering Design (8), Golden National Quality Engineering Award (3), nearly 20 Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Awards and Luban Awards, and GRAA Award of Int'l Road Federation and Gustav Lindenthal Medal of Int'l Bridge Conference. The masterpieces work - Aizhai suspension bridge shows the highest level of design and construction in China, which is praised by Xi Jinping as "China's round moon", and the "rail cable launching method" was recognized worldwide as the fourth method of bridge construction.

HNCC committed to industry chain business innovation, a shareholder of Hunan Maglev Group Co. Ltd., funded HNCC Insurance Brokers Co.Ltd. and HNCC Fund Management Company. HNCC have expanded the market of "river-lake connection" and "urban-rural water supply integration", as well as aquatic ecology treatment, water-related municipal projects and water conservancy in urbanization.

HNCC is the main role to fulfill its social responsibility of Hunan’s communication and water conservancy construction industry. Hunan Province is a flood-prone and snow & ice disaster-prone area, HNCC has taken the initiative to take up important responsibilities such as ice removal and water rescue, and made outstanding contributions in Wenchuan earthquake relief, "Eastern Star" cruise ship rescue and poverty alleviation in Xiangxi, fully demonstrating the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

HNCC will adhere to the corporate mission of “strengthening the traffic worldwide, promoting water conservancy to moisten the nation" and uphold the corporate spirit of "innovation, integrity, striving for excellence, dedication", aim to be a domestic leading  and world renowned group for investment, construction and operation in the communication and water conservancy industry.