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Hunan Communication & Water Conservancy Group Ltd. (HNCC) is a giant state-owned enterprise under The Government of Hunan Province, China. HNCC is formed by 12 wholly owned subsidiaries with a business range covering the construction industry of communication, water conservancy, port, municipal and environment protection facilities. Being given by The Hunan Provincial Government three functions of "investment and financing service, infrastructure construction, resources configuration and innovative development", HNCC is now a pioneer designer, contractor, investor and operator in the industry in Hunan, China. HNCC is especially known in China as a reputed specialist for road and bridge designing and construction.
HNCC's current register capital is 10 billion CNY, with a bank credit rating of AA+, its total staff is over 10,000 including 3000 professionals. HNCC embraces the advantage of "Five in One" whole industry chain for Research design, investment and financing, construction and management, operation and maintenance, equipment and logistics. The Group has been established as an enterprise providing the four major civil engineering services (roads and bridges, water conservancy, municipal engineering, and port and waterway construction) with three subordinate professional technique service companies (Hunan Communications Planning, Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Hunan Communications Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Hunan Water Design Institute Co., Ltd.) as the core of our development framework, and we are also actively cultivating investment and asset management subordinate companies.
HNCC is currently holding a total of 158 professional qualifications, which include one special qualification grade for contracting of highway engineering construction, 11 qualifications of synthetic class 1 (level A) for general contracting, 61 qualifications for professional contracting.
HNCC sticks to innovation leadership as"hi-tech enterprise", it won more than 1000 national and provincial prizes for its excellent service in design, construction and adoption of advanced expertise. It also won for itself GRAA Award of Int'l Road Federation and Gustav Lindenthal Medal of Int'l Bridge Conference.
HNCC's business market coves all provinces of China and nearly 30 countries in the world. It has undertaken a number of typical projects such as Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao national trunk highway, Xiangxi Aizhai bridge, Ya'an-xichang expressway double-helix tunnel, Changsha Xianing harbor, etc. 
HNCC is experienced in performing projects by mode of PPP, BOT and EPC+F, it has successfully constructed and operated a number of such projects as Hunan Litan Expressway, Guangxi Chongzuo Expressway, Fujian Shaoguang Expressway, now HNCC is undertaking the biggest BOT project - Hunan Pingyi Expresssway, aiming to build it as another bench-marking project in Hunan Province.
In recent years HNCC dedicates itself to innovation of industry chain, it has participated in establishment of Hunan Maglev Group Co.Ltd. HNCC Insurance Brokers Co.Ltd. and HNCC Fund Company. HNCC is also expanding its business in the fields like urban-rural integrative water supply, aquatic ecology treatment, water conservancy in urbanization, etc.
In future HNCC shall continue in sticking to its mission of "strengthening the traffic worldwide, promoting water conservancy to moisten the nation", and adhering to its enterprise spirit of" innovation, sincerity, competitive, contribution", HNCC will always strive to be an excellent company, both domestic-leading and world class, in investment, construction and operation of projects in the industry of infrastructure and water conservancy area.